Bellagio Floating Dock & Modular System

Long days and nights out by the water basking in the sun while drinking your favorite tropical drink and sharing moments by yourself or with someone special. Get ready for some sun and fun!

Coming to FaMESHed May 1st!

Now you can enjoy it on the Bellagio Wooden Floating Dock that is made of natural soft wood that has single and adult fun animations. Available in pg and adult versions. Each version also includes additional wooden paths.

To help celebrate FaMESHed’s 7th Anniversary we also made a beach towel as decor, so make sure you grab your gift!

The dock is made to work well with previous home releases: Riverstone, Sunshine and Beachyhead homes.

Available in PG & Adult versions and without animations (decor).
Includes single sits, sunbathe, water jump and cuddle couple animations.
Adult version include couple adult animations.
Copy/Mod (scripts & animations are not mod)