BeachyHead House

Pack your bags and get ready to head to the beach house! The days are warm and breezy and the views are spectacular.

Exclusive for UBER from April 25th – May 22nd.

The Beachyhead House is two floors with windows almost on each side for views to the outside and for the light to pour in. It has a large deck in front, which is a great space to decor for relaxation. Two large sliding glass doors open into the house. The doors can be left open so that you have an open floor plan, which makes it great for entertaining.

Immediately to the left are 3 steps down that lead you into another large room.

Next to the stairs is the staircase going up to the second floor that has a small balcony looking down to the first floor.

The second floor has a large bedroom and/or other room. Throughout the house you have a mixture of wood, brick and solid color textures to accentuate the home. Other features included in the home is the glass wall partitions that separates the rooms below and also borders the stairs and the top balcony. Plus the beautiful design in the window at the front of the entrance of the house.

We hope you enjoy the beach!

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