Welcome Home Christmas

New Exclusive @ Tannenbaum
Event: November 20th to December 25th

Imagine coming home to a winter wonderland full of Christmas spirit.

The Welcome Home Christmas set is meant to be a heartwarming fun decor to bring joyfulness and happiness to your holiday.

Giant Christmas ornaments in single or trio sets in several festive colors and designs to help decorate the outdoors as well as indoors. Topiary plants in seasonal colors and bows to decorate the entrances of your homes.

We put Santa’s old worn boots to use and made some decorative plants to be used in your Christmas decor.

  • DaD -Santa Klaus Boots
    Include red & black version (left & right)
    l.i. 5 c/m
  • DaD – Topiary Plants in Pot
    Mix & Match by Hud
    l.i. 4 each
  • DaD – Giant christmas ball Uno
    l.i. 1 each c/m
  • DaD – Giant Christmas Ball Trio Snowflakes
    l.i. 2 each c/m
  • DaD – Giant Christmas Ball Trio Circus
    l.i. 2 each c/m

Available also in Fatpack.

These products are 100% original mesh.