Vintage Succulent Planters

Exclusive at Collabor88
August 8th thru September 6th

Next time you get to renovating your bathroom, you won’t have to pay for hauling the old sink and bathtub to the dump site. Just put them outside and grab some potting soil and plants and make yourself some fabulous eye catching planters.

If you got a green thumb, soon enough you’ll have some amazing plants growing like these succulents in these vintage sink and bathtub planters. Come rain or shine they will stand the test of time and make your gardens look amazing.

DaD “Vintage Succulent Sink Planter” c/m v.1.0
l.i. 7

DaD “Vintage Succulent Bathtub Planter” c/m v.1.0
l.i. 12 – c/m

These products are 100% original mesh.