Vintage Industrial Store

Cosmopolitan Event, which opens on the 10th October

TAXI Inworld
Footage: 20×20
-Store I (l.i. 35)
-Store II (l.i. 27)
-Connecting Arch (l.i. 1)
-Switch (l.i 1) – Vintage Lamp each (l.i. 1)
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer
“Vintage Industrial Loft” is a modular Store on Industrial style.
It is composed of two modules, each of 20m x 20m sold separately or together.
The first module “Store I” includes a central open greenhouse that can be used as a landing point.

The second module “Store II” has a large central area that can be furnished depending on personal needs

On three sides of each module there is a central wall that can be removed and may be approached another module.
The modular system also includes a connecting arc that completes the layout of passage from one module to another.
In creating the modular system of the store may be necessary to adjust the alignment of the floor texture. In this case, just go into edit mode select face floor and adjust them until you have the texture fit together.
The Vintage Industrial Store also includes Vintage Lamp and a switch to turn on/off