Summertime Cinema Set

We are excited to present you with our exclusive item for Summerfest 18′ that starts on June 21st and runs through July 11th.  The Summertime Cinema set is the perfect outdoor set up for those hot sunny days or the hot sultry nights to enjoy with family and friends.

The set includes the following:
* Vintage movie projector with a touch on and off light
* Slide screen bordered with lights, where you can add your own pictures for a slide show that loops or you can set to random
* Giant cushion with a choice of 4 beautiful tropical, 1 classic motif patterns and 5 borders to choose from that comes with female and male animations, including cuddle in the PG version or the addition of adult animations in the adult version
* Crate coffee table adorned with lights or single crates for decor

See below all the individual pieces.