Positano Water Well

Exclusive at FaMESHed
October 1st thru October 27th

A new addition to the Positano Collection.

This beautiful antique water well will certainly be a delight and a wonderful piece to have in your front or back yard or even sim decor. The water well is made of stone that has a pretty design featured around its base and decorative wrought iron well cover and head that contains the pulley and chain that holds the bucket used for grabbing the water.

It’s available in adult, pg and decor versions.

Snow add-on available as well.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Positano collection, available at the Main Store.

100% original mesh

Positano water well is available ADULT – PG – only decor

Decor version is included on ADULT & PG version

-17 Single sit –
-12 Couple cuddle
-21 Couple Adult

-17 Single sit –
-12 Couple cuddle

c/m (scripts & animat are not mod)

l.i. 13 only decor
l.i. 15 (adult-pg)