Peacock Wicker Set

Comfortable and classic elegance is what you get with this beautiful wicker set available at Summerfest ’19 from June 21st thru July 7th, 2019.

Long back wicker frames in a natural wood color that are intricately detailed shape and form with a soft durable cushion seat and pillow. Both pieces along with the border are texture change and you get 6 color options for each.

The wicker chair is available with a blanket or without and texture change options for the blanket and pon pons. Chairs have animations for single, couples and family in the pg version. The adult version has single, couples, family and adult animations. To complete the set there is also a small wicker table.

Each piece is sold separately or can be purchased together as a fatpack.

– Peacock wicker chair w/without blanket

l.i. 9

c/m (scripts & animat are not mod)
– Peacock wicker coffee table
l.i. 3 c/m

n° 4 single F sit + inverted version
n° 3 single M sit + inverted version
n° 14 Cuddle couple animations

n° 9 single F sit
n° 14 single M sit
n° 10 Cuddle couple animations
n° 7 p-c Family
n° 2 p-p-c
n° 13 Adult couple animations

c/m (scripts & animations are not mod)
l.i. 9

Change texture by Hud
n° 6 fabric textures
n° 6 fabric border textures

Further instructions in the notecards with each purchase.