Les Memories Christmas Ski Race Set

Exclusive at UBER
November 25th thru December 22nd

The race is on for Christmas time! We bring you the ” Les Memoires Christmas Ski Race Set”, another set of Christmas decorations for your homes.

This fun collection of vintage iconic Christmas symbols can be used indoors or outdoors.

Fill your homes with cheer, memories and joyfulness this holiday season.
Each piece selected to bring a smile, peace and heartfelt warmth from our hearts to yours.

  • DaD – Les Memoires Squirrel Skiing
    l.i. 3 c/m

*DaD – Les Memoires Santa Klausl Skiing
l.i. 10 c/m

*DaD – Les Memoires Penguin Skiing
l.i. 2 c/m

*DaD – Les Memoires Pile of Xmas Presents Silver Gold
l.i. 9 c/m

*DaD – Les Memoires Pile of Xmas Presents Red Gold
l.i. 9 c/m

*DaD – Les Memoires Christmas Candy Cane
l.i. 3 c/m


These products are 100% original mesh.