Les memoires Wing Chair & Footstool

December 10th thru January 5th

Get a little bit of heaven with our newest edition to the Les Memoires Collection.

The Wing Chair is a divine piece of furniture with beautifully detailed carved wood for the vintage chairs reminiscent of French country dining chairs and the angelic wings attached. The chair has four fabric choices for the seat and four for the wood to fit with most color schemes and styles. Available in both adult and pg versions.

The bliss gets better. We also have a lavish Footstool and Crown adorned in lights that gives you a touch of royalty and luxury all in one.

The footstool and crown without lights also come separate.
Stools have four fabric and four wood choices to match the chair. The crown can also be changed with two choices for the metal and four for the wood.

Enjoy ♥

DaD “Wing Chair”
Available PG & ADULT version
HUD Mix & Match fabric – wood
l.i. 6 c/m

DaD “Footstool & Crown”
HUD Mix & Match fabric – wood – metal
l.i. 2-3 c/m

Available in Fatpack.

These products are 100% original mesh.