Les Memoires Gingerbread Train

NEW RELEASE for Collabor88.
Dec. 8th thru Jan. 7th

The Magic of Christmas is in the little things and the memories that’s why I’m pleased to present my latest creation “Les Memoires Gingerbread Train”.

A splendid little train that recalls Christmas gingerbread houses in the shapes and fills the air with classic Christmas songs, that we can place on a table or under the tree.

The Gingerbread Train is activated by touch and from the menu you can choose which Christmas songs to listen to, the volume, access. Then you can operate the train and decide whether or not to add a Christmas song

Two versions are included a small one suitable for a coffee table and a larger one which is perfect for my “Les Memoires Christmas Tree”.

Also included is a HUD to change the color of the Gingerbread Train. Please note that HUD are two one for each Gingerbread Train version

We wish you a happy holiday season! ♥️

Les Memoires Gingerbread Train-
Normal size l.i. 11
Large size l.i. 13
HUD change textures GOLD -MIX – SILVER