Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom Set 2

We’re bringing you another bathroom set, completely dedicated to your relaxation needs. You’re welcome. 

 The large oval freestanding bathtub is constructed with the finest natural marble, factory embedded erosion and oil-rubbed bronze faucet fixtures, giving this beauty a spectacular vintage look. It offers a spacious interior providing an enjoyable and comfortable bathing experience for yourself, for two people and for families with small children. Curved bath mat sits perfectly around its form, ensuring you won’t slip and fall in case you drop some water during any bath shenanigans.

To complete the set is a bronze ceiling lamp in a geometric design with the bulbs in the center with chains in three sizes and a beautiful art composition with the colors of Spring.

Animations include single, cuddle and adult in the adult version and single, cuddle and family in the pg version.

**Vintage Tub** – Available PG+FAMILY – ADULT FEATURESPG

n°12 F + 8 M single sit

n°1 Couple Cuddle Cheers Sequence

n° 19 Cuddle couple animations

n° 5 Parent_Child Bath animations


n°12 F + 8 M single sit

n°1 Couple Cuddle Cheers Sequence

n° 19 Cuddle couple animationsn°1 Couple Adult Sequence

n° 17 Adult couple animations


The security level can then be changed by the owner in the [ADJUST] menu, with separate options for both “Sit” and “Menu” access. Options are ALL, OWNER or GROUP.

c/m (scripts & animat are not mod)

lI 7 

**Curved Bath Mat**

5 colors by touch – cream – yellow – pink – green – grey

l.i. 3 c/m

**Positano Ceiling Lamp**

By touch on/off light, choose intensity, light colors, access. + 3 size of chains

l.i. 3 c/m 

**Art Study for Spring Day A**

l.i. 1 c/m 

**Art Study for Spring Day B**

l.i. 1 c/m 

**Art Study for Spring Day C**

l.i. 1 c/m 

**Art Study for Spring Day D**

l.i. 1 c/m **Art Study for Spring Day E**

l.i. 1 c/m 

**Spring Day Watercolor Painting**

l.i. 1 c/m FATPACK: 

**Spring Day Watercolor Set**

l.i. 1 c/m 

**Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom Set 02**


These products are 100% original mesh.