Laguna House

Opulent, sleek and meticulously designed, this beautiful modern home has enough space, classic elegance and sets the stage for a show-stopping luxury lifestyle.

Exclusive at UBER
Oct. 25th thru Nov. 23rd

The Laguna is a beautiful modern house with a flowing design layout that takes you from interior to exterior and to the other side of the house very easily. The use of natural elements throughout to give a warm contemporary look. Plenty of windows to bring in the daylight and a stunning view of the center part of the house that boasts an infinity pool with space for casual outdoor seating to enjoy each and every season.

Built into the home design are planters in the front and back for enhancing your home with your own bushes, trees or flowers.

Laguna House
100% Original Mesh
Footage: 44,6 x 38,7
Land Impact: 135
Copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
No transfer

Near swimming pool there is a switch to change color/intensity/access

Wear hud to change terrain of planters