Hammock with Heart Palm Tree 2023

A few years ago I created a Hammock with Heart Palm Trees that was the most romantic Palm Trees with heart-shaped palm trees holding up a hammock.

Today (2023) I decided to take it back and do a remesh and a retexture in line with the new trends and my mood and I hope you enjoy it! ♥️

Available at Mainstore.

Heart Palm trees have realistic leaves movement gives you the feeling of sitting with wind blowing through the palms.


By touch shadow you have a Menu with:

  • Wind (on/off)
  • Sound (on/off) & adjust volume
  • Access: owner (default) – Group – Public –
  • Resize: increase or decrease size – restore original size
    size: 9x12mt (tall)

Animations: FM – FF -MM available on PG & ADULT

ADULT VERSION includes plugins for the It’s Not Mine and V Bento products — making for some hot sweltering heat.

Please note:
As they are total restyling it will not be possible to take advantage of an update redelivery with the old collection