A Walk In The Dark

Available at Equal10
September 10th – October 5th

A couple of years ago we introduced you to some esteemed family members that were known for much havoc and notorious for lavish costume parties among other things. Now we introduce you to the newest generation of the ancestral line.

Lord and Lady Skeleton live a pretty quiet life in comparison, mostly keeping to themselves. They were always impeccably dressed in their finest while out and about in town. Though many found it mighty strange not to mention a little scary when they often walked into the dark woods during the night with their beloved pets. No one dared to follow them to find out what they were up to.

Will you dare?

This delightful set includes Lord and Lady Skeleton, dark trees and two pathways that comes with and without fog. Available as a FATPACK or as individual pieces.

Great decor for this Halloween season!

DaD “A Walk in the Dark” Lady Skeleton
l.i. 15 c/m

DaD – A Walk in The Dark -Lord Skeleton w Dogs
l.i. 10 c/m

DaD – A Walk in The Dark -Creepy Trees
l.i 9-11 c/m

DaD – A Walk in The Dark -Dark Pathway
l.i. 1-2 c/m include pathway w or without dark fo

Available also as fatpack
Only Fatpack include backdrop
l.i. 79 total

These products are 100% original mesh.