Victorian Ancestors Set

Exclusive at UBER
From September 25th thru October 22nd

Everyone has a story about their family. Stories that get passed down from generation to generation — happy, sad and stories of hilarious moments from the very colorful members of your esteemed family. Ancestors is a fun collection to help preserve some of the more memorable characters in the family.

Sir and Lady Skilleton were notorious for lavish costume parties while Sir and Lady Ghost were known for creating havoc and pulling pranks on all the guests. As you can see their memory lives on with these elaborate wall hangings and busts.

To complete the set is the Victorian fireplace and wooden panels from the ancestral home.

Items to be sold individually and in Fatpack.

*DaD for Dellamorte & Co. – Sir Ghost in the Mirror
l.i. 4 c/m

*DaD for Dellamorte & Co. – Lady Ghost in the Mirror
l.i. 6 c/m

DaD – Bust of Lord Skilleton
l.i. 3 c/m

DaD – Bust of Lady Skilleton
l.i. 3 c/m

DaD – Victorian wooden fireplace
l.i. 8 c/m

DaD – Victorian wooden Wall Panels
l.i. 1 each c/m


*Original design is by Dellamorte & Co., who granted permission to use.

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