Sakura Easter Set

The Spring season always ushers in the beautiful light colors that makes our world just a bit brighter and happier.

With that in mind we are excited to bring our newest release of the Sakura Easter Set. It includes various pieces of Easter decor in colors of blue, green and pink..

Fun and cute bunnies saving the carrots, the bunny helper carrying the eggs, elaborately decorated single eggs to be used on egg stands or without, vases with cherry blossoms and small and large tables to be used for display. Perfect pieces to decorate almost every room in your home.

  • DaD – Sakura Easter Eggs
    l.i. 1 each c/m

*DaD – Sakura Easter Bunny Helper
l.i. 1 each c/m

*DaD – Sakura Let’s Save the carrots!
l.i. 3 each c/m

*DaD – Sakura Cherry Blossom In Flower Pot White & Pink
l.i. 8 c/m

*DaD – Beatrice coffee table and table
l.i. 4/6 c/m

AVAILABLE ALSO FATPACK including all colors

These products are 100% original mesh.