Positano Swimming Pool Set

Looking to still enjoy some of the warm weather then we got the perfect answer.

The new addition to the Positano set is a beautiful pool set in stone with porches.

You can use with one or all three and also use the pool without base. This set is made to be used with or without the components available to make it fit your style and space.

This set has also been made to go with all other Positano sets.


DaD – Positano Swimming Pool-

Footage: 7.1×14.1
Land Impact: 28
copy/modify yes (scripts/anim are not modify)
no transfer

“Positano swimming pool” is 100% original mesh and is available for FM-FF-MM ADULT+ FAMILY and PG+FAMILY version.

ADULT VERSION includes plugins for the It’s Not Mine and V Bento products — making for some hot sweltering heat.

This pool comes included with a lighting system that will make your pool wonderful!

near the stairs there is a button to on/off light, choose intensity, light colors, access.

The Positano Swimming Pool can be used alone, however I have included two bases surrounding the pool.

One with rocks on the side panel and a simpler one that you can customize using your own textures.

Base extended 30×20,3 mt
l.i. 28 material enabled

Base smaller 22,00×18,8 mt
l.i. 5 material enabled

we include also a stair



All child animations are ONLY on Sit 2

This means that to use the child animations in case you are single you need to sit and swap until you reach sit 02

In the case of poses with parents:
1 The adult sits first
2 Then the child sits down and will have to swap until he reaches the poses of Sit 02

Positano Porch Set

Positano Porch with window
l.i. 16 c/m
Positano Porch
l.i. 16 c/m

Positano Porch Corner
l.i. 13 c/m
material enabled

These products are 100% original mesh.