Phoebe Kitchen Island Set

New @ FaMESHed

New year is a great time to refresh your homes. To help you, we bring you a beautiful new addition to the Phoebe Collection.

The kitchen island is a lovely piece with lots of shelf space for storage. It’s unique design has one side with seating. The colors of cream, pink, blue and green are made to go with the kitchen modular set. You then get four colors for the counter top, 2 metal choices and 4 flower patterned colors for the seat cushion.

Round table in the same 4 main colors with 4 choices for the top. Chairs have 8 wood colors and 4 fabric choices. This will allow for a cohesive look as well give you the option to create your own unique style.

All pieces are made to fit together, though will be sold individually.

Happy New Year!

100% original mesh.