Les Memoires Pet Bed Set

JAN. 10 – FEB. 5

Pets are like family and just as we love giving those we care for a bed to rest and sleep. We know you want the same for your pet. This makes us thrilled to add a pet bed to our Les Memoires Collection.

The bed has quality and comfort in mind with this design. Beautifully hand carved details, webbing and padded cushion that will give your pet a feeling of luxury and guaranteed relaxation and rest. There are three wood choices for the bed frame and nine cushion colors. Making it easy to blend it into your home interior.

That’s not all. Your pet deserves even more! Elevated pet feeders, toys and surely your dog will not resist bones to chew on.

This set works well with other Les Memoires products.

We hope you love it as much as we do ♥

  • DaD “Pet Bed”
    HUD Mix & Match fabric – wood
    interactive pet toys (touch cushion)
    l.i. 6 c/m
  • DaD “Les Memoires Elevated Pet Feeder”
    white – brown – black
    l.i. 1 c/m


These products are 100% original mesh.