I am very proud to present my latest creation, the “Hamptons Cottage” is a 100% original mesh building.  It is a one room home with a wood beam ceiling and wood flooring with shadows casted in.  Double French doors and a connected gazebo deck for relaxing and entertainment. You can also customize the exterior of the home only with 74-pre-loaded colors that can be accessed by touching the doorbell button outside by the front doors.  Plus you can also open the windows and doors by a simple touch to each.

Available at Uber from June 25th to July 22nd.


Hamptons Cottage –
Footage: 114,3x 12,4
Land Impact: 107
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

Picture to showcase the inside.

To complement the cottage, I made a modular deck that is detailed by oars that line the deck walls.

The following is the pieces contained within the set to help you design your own deck.  I hope you enjoy!

This set is composed by:

-deck square L – l.i. 2
-deck rect – l.i. 1
-deck square S- l.i. 1
-pillars A – B – C – D – E l.i. 1-2 each
– 5 steps – l.i. 1
– 6 steps – l.i. 1
– fence A – l.i. 1
– fence B – l.i. 1
– handrails 5 steps – l.i. 1
– handrails 11 steps – l.i. 2
– stairs 11 steps – l.i. 4
– stairs 5 steps – l.i. 1
– rope small/large – l.i. 1 each