Fancy Straw Set

Exclusive for Summerfest ’20
Opens tomorrow June 20th thru July 12th

Grab your Taxi

We’ve all got baggage. Now you don’t have to carry it around anymore. It’s time to hang it all up and leave it behind. FLORAL BAGGAGE is an adorable collection of handcrafted woven straw handbags in neutral tones and mesmerizing patterns filled with different floral arrangements. They hang with care on a wooden hook hanger to add beauty to any wall in your home.

With summer days here again and a great time to wear your favorite hats. We got your covered literally with our selection of summer hats woven delicately in the finest straw material we could find. FANCY HATS is a collection of hats made to be hung on any wall in your home.

Each l.i. 5 each – c/m

Both meant to complement the other.

Make sure to grab the pitcher of daisies as a gift!!