Chesterfield Round Bed

Prive by DaD -Virtual Living- brings to you their latest release. The Chesterfield Round Bed comes with a texture change HUD that allows you to mix and match to create your own personalized look. It’s available in PG & Adult version. You can find it at the upcoming Kinky Event that starts on March 28th!

n° 28 Single Sits
n° 42 Cuddle Couple Animations
n° 73 Adult Couple Animations
n° 4 Adult F-F

n° 3 Adult M-M
c/m (scripts & animat are not mod) l.i. 8

Change texture by Hud
Mix & Match to create your personalized bed!
n° 6 leather textures: white – yellow – pink – red – brown – black
n° 2 silk options black & white