Beachy Cabin

If you’re looking for a small intimate home that is easier to maintain then a larger home, then this cabin is for you.

Exclusive for UBER from June 25th – July 22nd.

The Beachy Cabin has a beautiful wood and brick exterior with two rooms giving you enough space to live in and small enough to feel cozy. The main room has glass doors on both ends and a open walk through entrance into the other room with large windows on both ends. The interior is textured with light and dark wood as well as brick.

It has been made to fit well with the larger homes, so can be used as a guest house or mother-in-law home.

Near the exterior doors there is a switch to change the appearance of the wood / stone of the interior and exterior walls. You can choose between warm and cold wood / stone

Footage: 14.5,x12.00 resizable
Land Impact: 27
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer
switch wood textures : warm/cold