Need a little fun and excitement in your life? Then time to take matters into your own hands. Adult chair with RLV capabilities for FaMESHed X. Event starts July 20th and runs through August 14th.

The ATLAS chair inspired by the Greek mythology of Atlas who was condemned to hold up the heavens for all eternity is available in both adult and pg version. The silk version is influenced by precious stones: ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald and obsidian. The latex version is kinkier.



RLV Version (capture chains lockmeister and lockguard)
5 slave single sits – 12 single sits – 8 couple cuddle – 24 adult d/s

Adult Version
12 single sits – 7 couple cuddle – 24 adult

PG Version
12 single sits – 8 couple cuddle

HUD for Mix & Match
10 LI