Abbey Cottage

November 10 – December 5th

Yearning for that perfect getaway! Something small and cozy to spend quiet nights at home in front of the fireplace. The Abbey Cottage is a traditional stone cottage that has a touch of rustic charm along with a relaxing country-side getaway vibe. The first floor is an open space with windows to enjoy the outdoors even from inside, wood flooring throughout and a small nook area with tile flooring. Beautiful spiral staircase in light and dark wood leads to a second floor attic space. Now to help keep you warm we’ve included a redone fireplace with the same beautiful blue tile that adorns the nook area. Time to get cozy!

Snow add-on available if you want to have that authentic winter cottage experience.

Enjoy ♥

DaD “Abbey Cottage”
13.5×15.5 LI: 126

*Snow Add On
LI: 11
copy/modify yes
no transfer

This Snow Add On fit with “Abbey Cottage”.


  1. Rez your “Snow roof add on “Abbey Cottage” c/m
  2. Select “Abbey Cottage” go on edit mode and copy POSITION and ROTATION coordinates
  3. Select “Snow roof add on Abbey Cottage” and past POSITION & ROTATION coordinates

That’s all!

These products are 100% original mesh.